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I rolled over to face him."We both agreed we need to talk, Dan. When we are in bed, you are obviously thinking about something besides me, another woman or girl perhaps. You know that this would be devastating for us both, not to mention our parents."I nodded.Dan was a good, solid man and I certainly wanted to stay married. Certain phrases leapt to his eyes: "You were so good last night," read one. They'll find out sooner or later," read another "Trudy, you make me feel twenty again." "Trudy's cheating on me? "I couldn't think of a nice way to say it," Louise said softly. The night before your wedding, when you were out on the town with your buddies, Trudy was in bed with your father." "That bitch! "They meet in the city once or twice a week." Crushed, Matt sank to the sofa and buried his head in his hands. When the door to his town house opened to Matt Thompson's touch, his heart began to race. Padding silently along the ornate Oriental carpet, he stopped when he had a good view into the living room. Sounds from the living room, someone in tears, someone sniffling. I swim every day, I play tennis twice a week, and guys your age check me out all the time. You could get it up for a walrus and go all night." Matt could feel his heart pounding, recalling more than one guilty moment when he'd seen his mother in a bikini and wondering what she looked like underneath. "I'll blow my wad in your face if you keep that up," said Matt, his breath shallow. Lifting himself onto one arm, he fingered her clit, and that did it for Louise. " Matt grunted as Louise's long, slender, tan fingers slipped around the throbbing shaft. Louise cupped his tight balls with her other hand, then teased them with her long fingernails. He rammed his cock all the way home, withdrew to the very tip, and rammed in again, and again. "They've got their secret; now we have ours." And then the door slammed downstairs.

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She felt Matt's breath hot in her ear and his teeth caressed the nape of her neck, and then gently nipped her earlobe. Mother or not, Louise was one of the most beautiful women Matt had ever known, and a dark fantasy was about to come true. Face to face with Matt now, their lips met for the first time as lovers. Turning her back to her son, she surreptitiously unbuttoned the top three buttons of her soft silk blouse. Matt stood up, kissed her fiercely again, and when the kiss broke, Louise's bra had fallen, and her breasts stood proud and free. Then Louise pulled her son's shirt open and began to lick and bite his sensitive nipples. As Louise began to nibble her way downward, she unbuckled her son's pants, deftly parted the zipper, yanked down his pants and underwear. Long, lean, and red, it poked forward, tickling Louise's chin. "It's been a long time since I've seen one like this." "Huh? Four, five times Louise climaxed when, finally, Matt stiffened above her and she felt the first hot jet of his jism spurting into her. "You came out of me," Louise said at last, "and I'm so happy you went back in me." "I can't believe how powerful that was," Matt said, kissing her again. " "Maybe it's better if we don't let them know," Louise said.